RAPS - (Rear Aperture Pistol Sight) - Designed for GLOCK Pistols


RAPS was specifically designed for the following:

  • Beginner pistol shooters – Provides improved sight picture and sight alignment
  • Advanced pistol shooters – Fast and intuitive sight alignment, sight picture, and target awareness
  • Home Defense – Ease of use when under duress
  • Low Light Situations – Large rear aperture enables quick pickup of front sight
  • Easy Installation – Nearly anyone with just a few tools can remove factory sights and install the RAPS.

After years of teaching pistol classes we have learned that the hardest skill to teach is the proper fundamentals of sight alignment and sight picture.  What is even harder and nearly impossible is for a student to remember these new skills once they leave the class.  Most students seldom if ever practice the fundamentals they paid to learn in class and rationalize it by telling themselves "It'll come naturally to me when I need it most".

This is totally false.  They don't realize that they'll loose all their fine motor skills and using a pistol under duress is very difficult, even for a seasoned professional.

This was the idea behind RAPS.  The human brain is incredibly intuitive.  If you use these sights one time, you'll be able to pick up the pistol at any time and apply a simple fundamental - Put the front sight dot inside the aperture of the rear sight and point at your target.

We've done extensive experiments with young, old, novice and experienced shooters alike.  All of them could pick up the pistol without any training and point and shoot.

This sight should not be used for competitive shooting where finite accuracy is required.  This sight is for close range, self defense, and home defense at ranges out to 10 to 15 meters.  Due to the design and the large rear aperture, extreme accuracy is hard to achieve at ranges of 25 meters and beyond.

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